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Intershop partnering with Shippit to get the ship done

Start up logistics software solutions company Shippit who have re-engineered parcel delivery by leveraging cloud services and smart digital technology called on Intershop to “ice the cake” by completing the integration of the Intershop Commerce Suite into the Shippit Freight Management & Booking Platform.

The appeal of Shippit is it is a one stop shop where Shippit connects retailers to traditional parcel courier companies and offers great flexibility in delivery options and experiences where all their client parcel delivery needs get optimised to deliver the best result, timing and cost.  Central to the Shippit business model is the subscription based financing model which gives customers the comfort of a known and controllable cost.

Intershop has played its part in the exciting Shippit business model by completing the full integration  of its Intershop 7 platform.  The key benefits of this effort for Shippit customers is an ability to strip out hours of wasted time and transform the order management and shipping process with smart delivery management technology.

Intershop Managing Director APAC & USA, CEO Albert Woo was over the moon with the business relationship with Shippit:

“Intershop provides one the world’s leading digital platforms and now with the Shippit back end integration complete the whole solution will deliver major process improvement and savings for customers. Shippit are run by great team and we are thrilled they partnered with Intershop to be part of their smart solution to parcel delivery across Australia”