Shippit & Intershop Integration

Intershop partnering with Shippit to get the ship done

Start up logistics software solutions company Shippit who have re-engineered parcel delivery by leveraging cloud services and smart digital technology called on Intershop to “ice the cake” by completing the integration of the Intershop Commerce Suite into the Shippit Freight Management & Booking Platform. The appeal of Shippit is it is a one stop shop […]

Mobile eCommerce

Mobile Commerce: Putting Your Store in Your Customer’s Pocket

As more and more people use mobile devices, we are changing the way we shop. Whether it’s on smartphones, smartwatches or tablets, we can now browse and buy just about anything we want, anywhere, anytime. For retailers, this presents an enormous challenge, with customers expecting a consistent shopping experience across offline stores, conventional e-commerce, and […]

B2b eCommerce

How To Outsource Your eCommerce Business

For many product focussed businesses like manufacturers or wholesale distributors the thought of setting up and driving online sales channels can be quite daunting. The business knows it needs to be doing more online and providing a better online experience for it’s customers, however the knowledge and investment required to set up the online operation […]