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Three Critical Insights For B2B Digital Transformation

The processes and skills to run a successful B2B digital commerce operation is highly dependent on ready access to savvy eCommerce talent and a scalable technical architecture that can grow with your business aspirations and related sales. The opportunity costs of a mediocre digital platform configuration/deployment effort and then hiring the wrong talent is a cash burn nightmare waiting to happen.

Our own company experience and customer testimonials have a recurring theme:

The focus of your B2B transformation is about making your customer’s job easier. And staging an implementation of your B2B project with a proven technical and business architecture that nurtures and enhances that relationship is the core of B2B success.  

Our latest release Intershop 7.8 enhances our powerful straight out of the box commerce functionality by further centralising management and providing effortless linking of every step of the customer journey from marketing, CRM, ERP, purchase, payment, shipping and post-sales support. Here are some of our own and customers insights in the B2B digital commerce space:

Understand and innovate on what is going to make the Customer’s job easier

The tricky part can be trying to figure out what B2B features to implement? Look carefully at your B2B customers and how they do what they do. Get out and go visit them and work out what you could do online to make them more efficient in their job.   Intershop 7.8 will allow you to deliver individual tools and features specifically tailored for them. It is from these insights that you can better ensure you realise the expected business benefits of the transformation.

Avoid your B2B digital transformation project becoming a technology junket

The technology decision is important but remember one key fact that foremost you are a customer-centric company with product/service solutions for your customer’s needs. You do not need to be famous for technology development and support. By choosing Intershop you will be re-aligned on to your customers and able to concentrate on core business activities knowing your eCommerce architecture is worlds best practice.

Ownership of Outcomes Is Critical

You cannot expect your B2B e-commerce project to deliver business benefits without sorting process ownership out top down. For a start, the human capital hiring decisions and the choice of an omnichannel digital commerce partner will impact the entire corporation and customers. You will likely be changing or abandoning existing processes and introducing new ones with accountability all nailed.

Buttoning your B2B digital transformation to the deep learnings and digital solutions of Intershop while accessing any combination of skilled full-service professionals to guide and drive the outcomes you want is a choice of hundreds of companies across the globe.