Three Critical Insights For B2B Digital Transformation

The processes and skills to run a successful B2B digital commerce operation is highly dependent on ready access to savvy eCommerce talent and a scalable technical architecture that can grow with your business aspirations and related sales. The opportunity costs of a mediocre digital platform configuration/deployment effort and then hiring the wrong talent is a […]

B2b-ecommerce basics

The Essentials For A Successful B2B Commerce Site

Getting off the ground with a B2B site means there are a few essential questions to navigate up front: Do you understand the B2B business process essentials to resolve/have in place? Working out what experience customers will have on your site? How do we create and get right that customer experience? Customers are increasingly digital […]

B2B eCommerce Solutions Man

Be Ready and Plan For The Challenges of Your B2B eCommerce Project

For your company embarking on the B2B commerce platform implementation there are some key B2B challenges that can impact the success of your project during deployment and ongoing: Maintaining platform consistency: It’s critical to ensure the content available on your B2B eCommerce site is not only as up-to-date as possible, but also maintains consistent look, […]

B2B eCommerce 2016

The key takeaways for the B2B eCommerce landscape in 2016.

The B2B e-commerce landscape is evolving – fast. An independent research consultancy Vanson Bourne surveyed over 400 B2B decision makers and compiled a series of insights and findings that have been summarised below. There was a theme coming through the survey findings that the rules of competition are changing and success in the B2B marketplace […]

B2B eCommerce sales

B2B eCommerce And It’s Effects On The Traditional Field Sales Force

How your B2B customers buy is evolving fast with the realities of the omnichannel eCommerce world we now transact within.  More and more B2B customers have gathered  their shopping/product intelligence well in advance of the touch point with your sales force. The tough message here is the “old school” my way or no way approach […]

Intershop Commerce Suite Gartner Rating

Intershop Commerce Suit Top Three Finish

Intershop has been recognised for its ability to meet leading-edge market requirements in the newly published ‘Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce’ by Gartner for its Commerce Suite. The document evaluated 19 vendors’ digital commerce platforms using 14 critical product capabilities and five use cases to assist IT leaders and those responsible for digital commerce in […]

B2b eCommerce

Five Critical Lessons For B2B Digital Transformation

As many B2C retailers and now emerging B2B players know an eCommerce business requires constant attention and a $ spend to go with it.  The processes and skills to run a successful B2B operation in digital commerce is highly dependent on ready access to savvy eCommerce talent and a scalable technical architecture that can grow […]

B2B eCommerce Platforms and Talent

Acquiring the talent to deliver B2B eCommerce business benefits

Recent research by Gartner further qualifies trends observed across all industry that business to business (B2B) e­Commerce sales are on a quantum growth path ($800 billion now to $1.3 trillion by 2020). The trail blazer has been business to consumer (B2C) and now B2B e­Commerce is the emerging transaction method of choice for a wide […]

Shippit & Intershop Integration

Intershop partnering with Shippit to get the ship done

Start up logistics software solutions company Shippit who have re-engineered parcel delivery by leveraging cloud services and smart digital technology called on Intershop to “ice the cake” by completing the integration of the Intershop Commerce Suite into the Shippit Freight Management & Booking Platform. The appeal of Shippit is it is a one stop shop […]