The development of retail commerce is being driven by confident consumers with their own individual buying behavior. You can respond to this trend toward consumer-led, omni-channel commerce by using Intershop’s innovative solutions and services to unleash the full potential of your business and maximise customer satisfaction.


Manage all your business models, distribution channels, and customer touchpoints from a single platform.


No matter how many brands or sites you have or plan to have, Intershop Commerce can serve as the common infrastructure.

Mobile Ready

Deliver a beautiful shopping experience across all devices.

Core Features

Deliver the perfect shopping experience for your customers

Mobile Friendly

The Intershop eCommerce platform uses a responsive design framework so your online store renders perfectly on all devices from day one.

Web Content Management

Create attractive multimedia worlds and customer-friendly information portals across all touchpoints.

Multi Brand Capabilities

Set up all your brands on a single platform and drive them off our easy to use back office.


Integrate, centrally manage, and flexibly distribute product information across all touchpoints.

Order Management

Connect incoming orders from all channels with your various order and returns management processes, including integration of suppliers and external services.

Advanced B2B Functionality

Use extended functionality to meet the unique requirements of the complex structures and procurement systems found in B2B commerce.

Search & Navigation

Provide comprehensive and configurable search and navigation functions for a user-friendly shopping experience.

Promotion Engine

Create personalised promotions and campaigns quickly and easily with the revolutionary Intershop Promotion Engine.


Support multiple languages, currencies, payment methods, and tax domains for all regions and sales territories


Control your shipping options for all touchpoints, business models, and customer groups and minimize your shipping costs.

Analytics & BI

Benefit from in-depth business, marketing, web, and technical analysis in an integrated omni-channel environment.

Social Commerce

Interact with customers through communities, forums, news streams, blogs, newsletters, and social networks.

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